A green life for future generations…

A green life for future generations...

ABOUT ANTALYA /  Brief information 

Area: 20.723 km2

Population: 2.043.482 (2011): 1.450.209 of this population live in the centre of the province and counties, while 719.410 of this population live in the villages.

Geographical Location: Antalya which is located on the south of Turkey is a tourism destination with its centre on the Mediterranean Sea coast. Antalya is surrounded by the Burdur, Isparta, Konya Provinces on the North; Karaman, Mersin provinces on the East and Muğla on the West. There is Mediterranean Sea on the South. Antalya coast of Turkish Riviera reaches to 630 km long.

Source: http://www.antalya.gov.tr/icerik/13/200/en.htm


Antalya EXPO-2016 

Expo 2016 Antalya Presentation Film : http://antalyaexpo2016.com.tr/?page=video_en